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Look at your garden space. What do you need? What do you have already? What are the goals of your garden?

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Think carefully about what your capacity as an educator is like before undertaking anything as big as a school garden. Consider what your personal gardening expertise is, your free time, how long you plan to be at the school, and what your personal goals are. Realistically, it's better to start small than to plan a one acre garden in your first year and fail. It's always better to have more than one teacher championing the garden as well, as there needs to be some succession planning built in. Here is a very helpful School Garden Toolkit developed in Richmond, BC.

If you are just starting to learn to how to grow, microgreens are a great place to start. They are ready in 2 weeks, are grown inside your classroom on shelves with some grow lights, and you can sell any excess greens to local restaurants and other parents and teachers. Check out our growing guide here, developed by a teacher in Kamloops, BC. They are a tasty way to teach your students about math and science too!

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