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Intro to Permaculture

These lesson plans are catered to a grade 10-12 level, so feel free to adapt these as you see fit. For other ideas about getting your students excited about the garden on rainy/winter days, check out the activities listed at the bottom of the page.



OUTCOME: Plant list

 This was a lesson to learn about the basics of permaculture, growing zones, and generate a list of what plants we can growing in our garden.

OUTCOME: Installed rain barrel


Lesson to learn about water conversation, water harvesting, and we installed several rain barrels. There are also other ways to irrigate to garden of course, but there work well in a desert!

OUTCOME: Planting


Microgreens are a great classroom project, click here to learn how to grow them. This lesson we planted the garden!


OUTCOME: Built vermicompost

We had compost bins set up already, so we talked about soil, learned about the role of compost, and built some vermicompost bins for a nearby Elementary school.


Some days you cannot go out to the garden, whether it is because it is the middle of winter, or it is raining outside. Here are some other things you can do in your classes to get your students excited about growing.

Garden Bingo Worksheet

Herb Information Sheet - Part of Jeopardy Game Lesson Plan

Art in the Garden Exercise

Perennial vs Annual Worksheet

Mapping your School's Food System - example: NorKam High School

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